Dye Nasty is a Queen with a capital Q. Known as the bad mouthed cousin of burlesque starlet Olivia Rouge, Dye is always ready to bring the house down.

Humorous, sometimes fishy, sometimes a bloke, you never know what you might get when you book Dye Nasty. But one thing is for sure, you will definately be entertained to the max!

Dye Nasty was born in the fall 2014 under the careful eye of Finland's finest Drag artist Lola Vanilla, who is Dye's official drag mother. From that point onwards (s)he has slowly worked her looks and styles to become a true talent and bring out something new into the drag scene in Finland.

(S)he hails from Tampere, Finland and is making her best in making the drag scene grow in her home city and that is why she has come up with a yearly show with Lola Vanilla called Lips on Fire! at the Teerenpeli Tampere.

If you want something fun, different, funky, sometimes fishy and out of the box for your event as an entertainment, Dye Nasty is definately what you are looking for. Through her you are also able to book other drag and burlesque artists for your event!

Photo: Ayesha Hussain