Crazy Catlady

You know the stories of the lonely middle aged single women who are slightly desperate? Well here you have one, who is trying her best to find love but it just ain't happening. So what else is there for a gal to do but be grateful for what she already has?

First Date

Beware! She is out hunting once again! (S)he is the thing your momma always warned you about, so lock up your sons and daughters, Dye Nasty is out to get someone for a first date and it ain't going to be pretty! Video footage can be seen HERE.


The fishiest queen of them all: Donatella is here to cause mayhem and let everyone drooling after her. A number filled with attitude, sex appeal, couture and some mooooves!

Kissing booth

You and me are sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Yes, prepare for the ride of your life as Dye will make sure (S)he is the best pussy you've ever tasted!